MC 1963
003 Big gang
Group of 1963 guys "hamming it up"
017 Gang party
Some of the guys from 1963
055 Sneed Bussey Reich Stephens
Rich Sneed, Chuck Bussey, Buel Reich and Adell Stephens  having a few "cold ones" while off duty
032 McGrath in site PX
Bob McGrath operated the site PX where you could purchase personal care items and snacks. All sites had a PX due to the distance from Ft. Wainright Bob was also the Battery Clerk
011 Duke Pendegraft Schuette Reich
David Duke, Charles Pendergraft, Dan Schuette and Buell Reich ( guess who is leaving )
057 Sneed Eitner Reich
Rich Sneed, Frank Eitner and Buell Reich in front of the site PX ( green door )
018 Gibbs
Jim Gibbs look's like he is reading "mail from home"  Jim was a MP.
004 Bob Burke
Bob Burke a launcher area guy ( was from Binghamton NY and he did not let you forget it!!)
012 Duke Powlas
David Duke on Danny Powlas's knee imitating Frankie Fontaine of the Red Skelton Show
047 Reich Savage Sneed
Buell Reich, Araon Savage, Rich Sneed and Dan Ferraro in the background. This photo was taken in the common bay area launcher, MP'S and kitchen workers slept here. The IFC guys were housed 4 to a room because they would have to get up during the night and do system checks.
013 Farris Pendergraft Sneed Eitner
Jim Farris, Charles Pendergraft, Rich Sneed and Frank Eitner
031 McGrath Eielson in back
Bob McGrath with a view of Eielson AFB in the background.
059 Starnes Torres Sneed
Ivan Starnes and wife (seated in car) with Manny Tores and Richard Sneed. Married guys lived of site mostly back at Ft. Wainright which is a 18 mile trip to the site.
041 Paul R & Paul S Watson
Two guys with the same name Paul R. Watson and Paul S. Watson both worked in the IFC Area
068 Wyatt Bell
Changing of the Guard top enlisted man 1st. Sgt Alfred Wyatt  seated chatting with incoming 1st. Sgt. Emerson Bell
076 Arnett Flagg O'Connor Gittinger Thomas
Some of the "Brass" Lt. Arnett, WO Flagg in background, WO O'Connor, Lt Gittinger and Mike Thomas the RCA Service Co. Microwave Tech. WO Flagg and WO O'Connor were the Tech overseers for the IFC area. Mr. Flagg came from the "Brown Shoe" era which ended in 1957 
086 Lou Campanelli with USO
Lou Campanelli with USO performer
069 Eitner USO
Frank Eitner taking part in a USO Show Frank was a MP
064 USO Eitner Spayne
Frank Eitner and Fred Spayne take part in USO Show
043 Reich Duke Tesch Denny
Dave Duke, Buell Reich, Bill Tesch and Dan Kuhn.  Duke was a "Short Timer" just a few day left in his 18 month stay on site.