1963 Guys Org Party and Off Site
022 Judy, Vince & Bill
Judy and Vincent Matteo with Bill Jackson at Birch Lake Matteo was a launcher guy 
062 Torres Gibbs Bishop Sneed
Manny Torres, Jim Gibbs, Bob Bishop and Rich Sneed,  Sneed and Torres were IFC guys the other 2 were MP'S
054 Sneed Bussey P. Reinhart Morgan
Taken at Birch Lake Rich Sneed, Chuck Bussey, Pat Reinhart (wife of Dave Reinhart) with daughter and Bill Morgan
015 Ferraro Sneed Bishop
Dan Ferraro, Rich Sneed and Bob Bishop in Anchorage after taking the train to Anchorage probly got 3 day passes
028 McGrath 2
Bob McGrath with some hunters hides
065 Verden going home
Larry Verden heading home to Texas with a quick stop for a photo op at Santa Claus House in North Pole AK.
075 Spring at Birch Lake
Relaxing at Birch Lake as the ice recedes
034 McGrath the hunter
Bob McGrath a bunch of the guys checked out .22 rifles and went rabbit hunting
014 Ferraro Powlas Bishop Schuette
Chena/Nenana Riverboat trip organized by Speical Services and Ro Kelty (front blue garment)
066 Vince & Judy Matteo
The Matteos at Birch Lake
037 Morgan
Bill Morgan at Birch Lake rec. area
052 Sledding party
Sledding party on the hill where the IFC/Admin. building was
077 Moxie (Moczygemba)
Val Moczygemba gathering wood for sledding party fire
049 Schuette Ferraro
Dan Schuette and Dan Ferraro
050 Schuette
Charades Dan Schuette preforming  Dan was the goalie for a hockey team made up of Site guys they won the state championship 1963/1964 . Lt. Marty Bilafer was the coach McGrath played right wing 
002 Angst Sarabia
Art Angst and Armando Sarabia having some hot dogs
078 Ro Kelty of Special Services
Ro Kelty from special Service she organized special events each year
038 Org Day many
Bunch of the guys at the organizational Day Party held every year was done when the site was down for maintenance so most every one could take part. Exception was some MP'S still had to patrol the Launcher Area.
016 Gang org day
More from Org. Party
039 Org day Tesch
Org. Day Party
067 Wat Den Far Pow Kul Pop
Guys standing around volleyball net
042 Potter Campanelli
Mixing up ??Somthing?? at the Org. Day
085 Midnight volleyball
Midnight Volleyball Org. Day Party
072 Chatham Rapier
Food line at the 1963 Org. Day Party
060 Stephens Farris Powlas
Stephens, Farris and Powlas chatting 
071 Sneed Gibbs Reich Duke
More guys at Org. Party guy far right side holding sign as he was scheduled to get out in 3 days
074 Midnight volleyball
Midnight Volleyball taken a little earlier,  mid summer when we had daylight a long time.