At the outskirts of Fairbanks was this auto repair place, this sign on the door in the left center of the photo reads. " AIR 1$ per tire" looks like they did not want to be bothered with people just to add air to tires. The Alcan in those days was rough on tires.
fbanks welcom center
Downtown Fairbanks is the welcome center building is still in use today
photo counter
The photo counter in the drug store in Fairbanks. They stocked a lot of high end photo equipment and as you see they were very busy.
nenana wheelhouse
The wheelhouse of the riverboat Nenana it ran the Tanana and Yukon rivers from 1933 to 1954. It ended up in Fairbanks and was used for a few years as a restaurant and boatel then was closed a civic group bought it and moved it to Pioneer Park where it was restored and put on display.
Found this in a salvage yard that had a lot of military stuff. I remember this from an article in Popular Mechanics years ago. The Army built 2 of these to test them in the Artic and Desert areas to move supplies. The other one is sitting in the Yuma Proving Grounds. This one was used for a while transporting supplies during the construction of the road to the North Slope oil field. Is still on display at Fairbanks next to the pipeline.
wein flights
Like this sign at the airport in Fairbanks by Wien Alaska Airlines. Note the "Bush Flights" if you miss flight 303 to Old Crow you have to wait a month fr the next one.
yukon river marathon sign
A big event in Fairbanks is the Yukon 800 Marathon river race. This is a 2 day race run on the Chena, Tanana and Yukon rivers. It is billed as the longest, roughest and toughest speed boat race in the world still held today.
river boats
One of the boats in that race "Johnny's Express" sponsored by the local fuel dealer
Spotted in the residential area of Fairbanks this house had 2 Twin Beechcraft in the yard
snova beach
Like the humor of this guy sign on the garage door reads "Snova Beach Alaska"
Seen at the river crossing at Nenana these 2 guys on a raft.
car ferry drive on
Tutana Riverboat with a car ferry barge