nenana ice pool-2
The road south out of Fairbanks takes you to Nenana there they place this green wood tower on the frozen river. This is done for a fund raising project, they sell chances where you select the day & time the tower falls through the ice.
nenana church
Nice rustic old log church at Nenana
river boat upstreaming
In the 1960's you had to use this ferry to cross the river to go further down to Clear missile tracking complex
bridge new highway
A new highway was under construction in the 1960's that would have a direct route from Fairbanks to Anchorage and pass through Denali Park. When this was taked the road was only a gravel base
harding lake sign
The sign into the Harding Lake Park this area reminded me a lot of northern Wisconsin.
harding lake-1
Some of the cabins on Harding Lake
boat build1
Here is a boat being constructed on the shore of Harding Lake. The profile is like a old Mississippi river steamboat.
circle road sign
One day we decided to travel north on the road to Circle Alaska. Here is a road sign showing the mileage to places on the road.
ciricle trip1
Small gas station in the middle of nowhere. On the road north this road was vastly upgraded when oil was discovered on the North Slope.
From our site a view of Denali which we could see on a clear day