Welcome to Thule AFB
Thule AFB Winter
Thule Greenland was a major player in the cold war. Because of it's location it provided a forward base to intercept Russian bombers
Thule Nike site from a distance
Large antennas used for "scatter communications"
road to
Thule sign post you are just a long way from everyware here.
IFC in winter
Shot of the Nike IFC area
IFC summer
Nike HiPower building and antenna
Nike launcher area
Missile up on launcher
Some more of the IFC / Admin area
One of the barracks buildings
Weather got so bad here that just walking between buildings was dangerous. Ropes were strung between buildings to guide you to then next building
rifle range
Army Nike guys doing rifle practice.
Nike site GI's also were trained to defend the site from ground troops. This was a exception to the rule as this was not done much stateside.
Stickshift Toilets
Because of permafrost the sites toilets were equiped with these "stickshifts" used for flushing.
toilet and trucks
Waste Water was trucked from the Nike Site to te AFB a daily trip for the driver. And fresh water had to be trucked in also
Tank inside a berm could have held waste water or fuel for heating. Note the string of foxholes outside the berm.
tony at baracks fishing sittin on iceberg nco club1
Some of the Nike guys at the AFB NCO Club
nco club2
Closeup of above
thule xmas tree
A Christmas tree at Thule
baren land
Thule is barren land no trees grow here
Shot of the Thule AFB runway
F 102
A F102 at the ready the base had a squadron of attack aircraft to intercept incoming bombers
Thule natives & GI'S
There are natives on Greenland here are some with some GI's
thule natives
Thule natives
real sled dogs
The natives sled dogs
eskimo house
A house the natives built
artic fox
A artic fox in winter colors
first sun in 3 months