Gold Dredge 8
felix pedro
This plaque is of Felix Pedro he discovered gold in the Fairbanks area and started the "Gold Rush" to Alaska
eds gd8-2
This is Dredge 8 as seen in the mid 1960's it sets totally abandoned and unguarded. Now if you visit the Fairbanks area it is a major tourist attraction.
gd8 parts
Here is a collection of stuff that was used to thaw the ground ahead of the dredge in front is Tom Loeb by a pile of steam hoses
GD8 rear
The rear end of dredge 8 after the gold was extracted what was left came out of this chute. It's easy to retrace the route of the dredge by the way the ground is piled up comming out this chute.
A large pipe most likely used to bring in water to the area to do hydraulic minning.
What we think this is a Electric Substation to power motors on the dredge. Likely the dredge had been converted from steam power to electric in later years.
Here is a daily run sheet that recorded the progress of the dredge. during one of our visits these were seen blowing around on the ground. I picked up about 6 or 8 of them. Now how is this for luck out of the ones I picked up 2 of them were dated Sept. 2 that happens to be my birth date!! Did visit a museum in Fairbanks that had a display of items from dredge 8 but not the run sheet so I sent them one.
hyd mine
In 1965 they were still doing "Hydraulic Mining"
hyd mine-2
Another shot of Hydraulic Minning
The camp of the Hydraulic Minners