Launch 1
launch warning
Gate into the Launcher Area plastered with warning signs "We don't want you"
launch guard house
Guard House at the entrance of the Launcher Area
at the ready
Set of 4 missiles raised and ready this was mirrored by the second launcher building.
launcer guys and missle
2 of the Launcher crewmen with missile before it was raised
front launch
Outside view of one of the launcher buildings
A interior shot showing missles in storage this is not at A-2-562 but at SF88 site in San Francisco. Missles there were stored underground and raised to fire. In Alaska they were in above ground storage due to "permafrost" think also some sites in Florida were above ground due to very high water table.
One of the Launcher buildings as it stands today the only part of the site remaining was taken over by local government for the Chena River flood control project.

Another current photo of the second launcher building.
rasing missle
Missile going up on launcher
launch building 2
Another shot of launcher building when site was active.
top berm
Top of the berm that was around the launcher buildings, precaution in case of explsion / fire.
warhead storage
you are looking at the rear of the warhead storage building.
Front of a warhead storage building ( not a-2-562 site )
Concrete building is the launcher generator building it housed 2 generator units like the ones in the IFC building. During "Hot Status" the site generally was taken off the local power grid.
Dog Kennels
A look at the guard dog kennels and dog exercise area.
back of launcher area launch22
Good shot of missiles up and at the ready.
Could be the missile assembly building (not sure)
launch control
This is the auxiliary launcher control panel would be used if a launch could not be done from the IFC Van. Photo taken at SF88 site in California.

berm Launch-2 guard and dog2 misc building loader veichle building guard and winter cover
Guard Joe D. Meyers in front of the Kennels with the winter cover on to protect the dogs from the cold.
high beam
Dog's name is King with Handler Bob Bishop
high hurdles hurdles
Dogs were taken out and run through the exercise area 
Gate Guards
Guards at the Launcher gate are Wilbur Bobbitt and Bob Bishop
guard and dog dog at heel
Bob Bishop and Silver the site had 4 to 5 dogs that came from Lackland AFB where all the guard dogs for the Air Force were trained.  If a guard and his dog  were both at the end of their duty period the guard may elect to take his dog home with him. Otherwise the dogs were reasinged to a new handler and in some cases that did not work out the dog was put to sleep.
Calling In
Wilbur Bobbitt doing security check call-in
Shot of Silver Bob Bishop's dog, Bob actually had 2 dogs in his 18 month tour the other's name ws King.
kennels rear
Kennels rear
front kennels
Front of kennels
cleanup another guard
Wilbur Bobbitt photo taken at Launcher area guards patroled the area 24-7.  A remark from a guard at one of the Anchorage sites was proticall was issue a waring "Halt, Halt, then Shoot"  in the real world ot may have been "Shoot, Shoot, Halt"
launch gate dog-catwalk
Dog's name is Silver with his handler Bob Bishop
kennels closeup launch guys
Pictured here are 3 of the MP'S left to right Wilbur Bobbit, Bob Bishop and Joe D Meyers they served in the 1965 era.
of limits
Guard doge "were not your family pet to say the least!!"
Dog's name is Silver second dog for handler Bob Bishop
Joe D Meyers and his dog
roll in snow
Joe D Meyers and his dog
Shooting Stance
Wilbur Bobbitt and Silver
walk-way over berm
Again W. Bobbitt
winter cover
Some protection for the dogs in the winter.
kennels side view