MC Guys-2
d-d on truck
Dave Doolittle a MP from 1965 era trying to get the "Perfect Shot". The truck was used to do courier service between sites, Fort Wainright and Eielson AFB
harper -kp-cook
Left to right is Tom Haper, Dewey Weathersby and the Cook is Jack Swovland.
leo px
Leo behind the PX counter window Hal Faulkner took over the PX duty when Leo left.
Ed Hansen trying out some Snow Shoes.
cleworth thanksgiving kp

Eric Cleworth right and left is Lyle Holloway all decked out for Thanksgiving KP Duty.

Our food was quite good for "Army Chow" the Battery actually won a "Best Mess Hall" award  in 68 or 69 Bobby Pace remembered the Mess Sergeant went above and beyond the call of duty, ensuring there were always sandwiches, doughnuts and fresh coffee available to men working on the night shifts. This made a substantial contribution to morale.

hedher working on plane
Hedger working on model airplane we had several that would fly at one time
Guy's on the Toboggan run down the back side of the hill near the HIPAR radar tower a toboggan run was cut out of the woods ran quite a ways down hill.
Some good natured ribbing at one of our USO Shows. Getting the "Treatment" is Dolphus Gregory!
We had several visits in the winter from traveling USO Shows. Gal center was part of one of them
who guard shack
A little clowning around at the IFC guard shack this was the entrance to the IFC area. Not sure who was on guard duty for this shot.