A Battery group photo taken June or July 1963 supplied by Richard Ruggieri
a-2-562 dayrroom1965
Taken in June/July 1965 shortly after noon formation supplied by Hal Faulkner
becker thomlinson copy black pup2
Eric Cleaworth 1965 IFC Guy with husky pup
Cleaworth -  Hansen Dress
Left Eric Cleaworth right Ed Hansen both 1965 IFC Guys
Cleaworth flyfishing
Eric Cleaworth trying his hand at fly-fishing taken just below the IFC hill next to the Richardson Highway
ed fishing trip
Ed Hansen on fishing trip
exploring Gold Dredge 8
Some of the equipment used to thaw the ground in front of Gold Dredge #8 from back left to front Ed Hansen, Anton Fitzherbert and Tom Loeb
Farris Obit
For those that served in the 1965 era a Obit for James Farris a Launcher Guy who went through some hard times.
Going Home
Nothing like going HOME!!
Sneed Faulkner
SP-4 Sneed and right Hal Faulkner
Hal Faulkner
Hal Faulkner site medic out exploring the area. There was a road built that linked the sites that were behind Eielson AFB.  The road linked C Battery, D Battery and B Battery then came down to intersect the Richardson Highway
SP-4 Tom Harper on "Comm Watch" IFC guys had to man the Microwave link to the other sites and Murphy Dome 24-7. Even if the site was down for repairs comm watch had to be done.
ifc backdoor
This would be the "back end" of the Admin/IFC building to the right lower level would be the Mess Hall. Upper level from right to left the common enlisted quarters for Launcher, MP's and cooks. then on the left upper were the rooms for the IFC guys they were bunked 4 to a room, reason they had rooms was that they would have to get up durring "Hot" status and preform system checks in the middle of the night. Done at a 4 hour rotation.
june cookout 1
Annual June cookout done yearly and when the site was down for maintenance
juneparty copy Krajenka1
Ken Krajenka
mailcall1 copyweb
1965 Era  "Mail-Call" news from the outside world and perhaps a CARE PACKAGE.
matteo-jackson McGrath 2 McGrath 3
Santa Claus Store in North Pole AK. Started in 1952 the store has growen to 10,000 sq ft. a stop for all tour busses.
McGrath 5 McGrath 6
Leo Lord cooking some "Hot Dogs"
McGrath 7 McGrath 8 Mike Thomas 1
Mike Thomas the RCA Communications Tech. restored this old Olds. while working in Alaska drove it up the AlCAN from Washington state.
off to rifle range
Nike guys had to "qualify" yearly with a M14
Old Plane RB
Your webmaster checking out a old plane at the Fairbanks airport. Fairbanks Airport was a good touring place as aviation was the "Big Deal" in Alaska.
Left to right Ed Hansen, Eric Cleaworth and Ken Krajenka we had a outing at the Harding Lake area.
Paul Kulba
Paul Kulba he was a cook on site and was instrumental in getting reunions started.
Pops Carr
"Pop's" Carr  a IFC Guy from 63/65 era trying to blow up somthing at the June party.
Range Qualifacitons 1963 Range Qualifys 2 RB at best
Your webmaster thinking about home??
rb camera
Roger Babler out and about taking photos. We did a lot of that and found out we could buy cameras directly from Japan top of the line stuff at real bargain pricing. Even were exempt from paying duty on the.  We send a lot of money to Japan to "The Hero Camera Company"
roger car copy
Roger Babler I had "wheel's" perswaded my folks into driving up the Alcan with my car I had when I was drafted a Corvair Lakewood station wagon.
Sarg Rose
Sergeant Rose salmon fishing trip over to Unakleet on the Bering sea. Special Services ran a old C-119 “Flying Box Car” over there. The flight crew went out fishing when they were ready to go you also better be ready or you were left behind.
Sidewalk Supers
Finishing cement was not in our MOS but the Battery Comander saved some $$ making us do this.
Thomas - Hedger
The RCA Tech. and SP-4 Hedger, Mike is trying to make a voice contact on a newly constructed "Heath Ham Radio"
Tom Loeb B-47
Tom Loeb from 1965 in the cockpit of a burned out B-47 in the back yard of Eielson AFB
unknowen2 USO photo takers
USO Show here are the photo takers getting ready.
vinc-winter vinc1 vinc11 vince matt who at drug store
Looking over the photo counter at the Drug Store in Fairbanks. You could buy just about any thing in the camera line there.
art & robert at airport
Angst and Bishop going home at the airport.
art and dr pepper
Art Angst he ran the PX till his tour was up then Hal Faulkner took it over. Gave him a little side income.
arthur and robert shortest copy
Art Angst and Robert Bishop on the way out tour done!
at the range 5
Guys getting ready for rifle qualifications, never used one but had to be done. It’s done the Army way…
back on the bus
Group of the guys in the Battery Bus looks like the SP4 is on his way home and the others are giving him a good send off
beercan ant web
Mike Thomas trying out the "Heath Ham Radio" he built in the red shirt is Roger Babler
Bob and Wilber
Bob Bishop and Wilbur Bobbitt both wer MP's Bishop was a dog handler and WIlbur a guard. Because of nuclear warheads they patroled the launcher area 24/7 
capt jl greene bc
Captain Greene checking up on the site PX photo by Hal Faulkner Hal took over the PX duty when Art Angst’s tour was done.
cook and engineer copyweb
Back door the the kitchen here a cook and enginer taking a break. 
fbks mile marker copy web
Mile marker at the end of the Alcan Highway.
Enjoying one of the touring USO shows.
File0483 File0485
Some of the guys from the 1963 era
Image7 Image14 copy
Guys out grooming the toboggan run  we had a long run down hill
Getting tickets at the Fairbanks Airport. 
Are you sure we have to paint "ALL OF THIS
Looking through the Day Room into the Mess Hall
mike thomas amd pontac copyweb
Mike Thomas and the old Pontiac he restored still not in the final paint
roger hal lakewood
Left to right Roger Babler and Hal Faulkner the car is Roger's Corvair Lakewood wagon. Roger is webmaster and a lot of the photos here are the result of his and Hal's work.
Stan Michalosky  shortest guy in battery
Stan Michalosky  shortest guy in battery " height wise not tour of duty"
Tommy Hendrix
Tommy Hendrix one of the MP'S from the 1965 era.