bouey-harper boat1
Shown is the small boat built mostly by Tom Harper in the boat with him is Allen "Sonny" Bouey Sonny is on the left lives in Madisonville LA and Tom is in South Charleston WV
ed w 44mag
Hand Guns were quite the rage for a while Ed target shooting a 44 MAG
hedger TTR tower door
Shown on top of the TTR tower next to the trap door that leads down the tower.
june party 8 guys

Notable here left back to camera Mr. Flag W-4 a real old timer he remembers the horse cavalry days he was a IFC W.O.

In the black and white plaid shirt is Sergeant Rose he lived on post and was the one to go to if you wanted any patches sewn on also made the best “sub sandwiches” if you were hungry later on.

Right front next to WO Flagg is Tom Loeb facing camera may be Art Angst left rear near Sergeant Rose is Hal Faulkner. Picture taken in mid 1964 or 1965.

art sshirt
We had a "Logo" sheatshirt with a latin saying loosley translated into " Who Realy Cares!"
Checkers anyone!
eds guy-grader

Dewey Weathersby  on the site grader the motor pool guys were in charge of maintaining and snow removal on the road up the hill and the road back to the launcher area.

During the winter if we had any snow accumulation at all they would come with one of the huge snow blowers and go around the chain-Link fence perimeter and blow the snow right through the fence to clear out the accumulation.

eds who up stump
SP-4 Eric Cleaworth atop a old stump. Eric was a IFC guy hailed from Pasadena CA. had a live long ambition to join the LA County FD volunteered to go to Chopper school to get a “Secret Clearance” to wipe out a traffic charge so he could join the FD Chopper School didn’t work out so he ended up here.
hal stocking px

Stocking up

Hal Faulkner moving in PX Supplies from the dock. If you were off duty and after hours personal were allowed 3.2 beer.

A way to sooth the savages and keep them on the hill!!!! Hal was the site medic and also mail clerk.

ham radio fuzzy
Ham Radio Contact  Mike Thomas with his just built Heath Ham Radio making their first contact.
ken-eric cigar-2

Ken Krajenka & Eric Cleworth both IFC types stoking up. We were preparing for a ORI Inspection which meant we would be visited by a Warrant Officer that smoked some real nasty stogies.

We were plotting some revenge. PS IT Worked!!

winter camp
SOP all personnel had to camp out for "Cold Weather introduction" spend at least one nigh out at 40 below.