The following is to alert former Nike Vets of a potential health issue.

Below is a E-Mail Message from a former C-2-562 Vet.


 Hi--Jake Jegelewicz here from C-2nd-562nd site Mike in the Fairbanks Defense.
I have just returned from our annual reunion and came up with some disturbing facts. I just recently (May) had a bout with colon cancer and had 3/4 of my colon removed. After talking with my buddies at the reunion, I have found out that five of us just from the small group that we know have also had colon or prostrate cancer. It seems we all remember exposed pipes wrapped in asbestos in those old missile site buildings. Knowing that it caused cancer onboard ship, I am pursuing the possibility that it may also be involved with our cancers.
 I would like an email list of all the Nike personnel you have so I can contact them about this and would appreciate any help you can give me. Feel free to call me and discuss this matter if you like.
Jake Jegelewicz
212 Deer Creek Rd
Sadler, Tx  76264

The above is to alert former vets so they can relay this information to their primary doctors so appropriate tests can be included in their medical check-up schedules.