IFC aka Integrated Fire Control

The IFC in all Alaska Nike sites was incorporated with the living quarters, site administration offices and mess hall.  The first floor contained the general offices, PX, dayroom, laundry, mess hall, admin power, microwave communications and the IFC vans.  Upper floor was dedicated to living area for on site personnel and those on duty that had quarters else ware.

    The large white globe on the far right of the picture housed the Hi Power Radar antenna it and the Low Power antenna ( dark rectangle near the center ) were the eyes of the site. The two smaller globes with the clamshells below were the Target Range and Missile Tracking Radar antennas on the elevated stand with the clamshells open is the Target Tracking Radar.  As with most military units Nike sites had it's slang for those who worked the various positions. Those who spent their working days in the small white radar trailers were referred to as " Scope Dopes" those in the Launcher areas also had similar nicknames. 





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IFC Operations & Communications

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