Here are some photos from Sandy Hook NJ Reunion 2012


Color Guard from Marine Academy of Science and Technology (MAST) located on Sandy Hook

Part of our opening ceremony was a memorial service.

This is a monument which is a memorial to the Nike personnel that died at NY-53 in 1958 missile explosion.  The accident claimed 10 life's (6 solders and 4 Ordnance Corps civilian personnel). 

 Also tribute was paid to those that lost their lives when the Air Force's Texas Tower #4 was lost during a storm killing all 28 on board.  Texas Tower #4 was a US Air Force radar station located 75 miles off the Jersey shore.

Group Photo

The photo of all assembled vets that served at Nike sites in Alaska and a few that served at some of the NY/NJ units. We hand men that served at most all of the 8 Nike Batteries in Alaska plus some that served at Murphy Dome, Headquarters units and Ordnance  personnel.

Start of the tour if the IFC area here showing the NY/NJ site layout is Bill Jackson.

The start of the IFC area tour note Acq. radar on the pedestal with the BC and Tracking vans in the rear.

Only took about 45 years but here is Ed Hansen at his old position in the tracking van.

Target Tracking console in the tracking van.

Here is the BC van Acq. console the vans at Sandy Hook were of a completely different layout. Nike System was always in a state of constant upgrades and modifications.


Between tours of the IFC and Launcher Area we broke for a picnic lunch at this shelter area. At the left rear is the start of the row of Officer's houses most now are vacant.



Nike Ajax on display at the entrance to the launcher area.


Also on display entering the launcher area this Hercules on a launcher.



Some of the Launcher barracks buildings.



Launcher pit area there were 2 sections each section had 2 elevators with 4 launchers each.  As this was a dual site there was a second secured area that held the Ajax missiles.



Undergoing restoration at Sandy Hook are 2 Ajax Missiles. They are also in the process of acquiring a Hercules Missile also to be restored.  Explaining the work here is James Langendoen  a former IFC Nike guy.


Above 2 photos are of the mysterious red box that was on the tip of the nuclear Hercules missiles. Was a very "Top Secret" in it's day  it is a altitude burst sensor. Detonation of the

 warhead could be set for between three and six miles above sea level and could not be over ridden.

Wish to read more on this click here



Old Mortar batteries built in the 1890's this complex had 4 interconnected mortar pits that held 4 12" mortars. 



Sandy Hook lighthouse built in 1883.


Three shots when we did the harbor tour via sea streak ferry.



Getting ready for our banquet at the "Town & Country Inn"

We wish to thank all those at Sandy Hook you put together a great visit for us. We know that a lot of you worked behind the scenes and we possibly never met all of you, but all put together a excellent for us. 


What follows are some photos after the hurricane "Sandy" and the damage and reconstruction efforts to the Sandy Hook Site.


This is the Launcher warhead building where they were in the process of restoring 2 Ajax Missiles.


This is the Launcher Area compare this photo with the one taken at the reunion.


This is the outside of the warhead assembly building.


Following from Pete De Marco:

 No NPS with us. We did meet with Pete Mc to get the keys. He had nothing to say about the situation. It took them about a week to get the road open. Still the north bound side is shared with south bound traffic I'm sending a few of the pictures from our inspection of NY-56 because e-mail accounts will become overloaded if I send them all. I will be posting all the pictures on our Facebook page. In general: The IFC survived with minor damage. We found a water line on the bulletin board that was around 5 feet high. Water in the Generator Building was about 2 feet deep. The LA is another story. There is almost compete devastation there from wind, water, and sand. The 2 Ajax missiles crashed into and partially through the front door. Some of the fins that Jim had removed for restoration were found some 60+ feet away from the A&S Building and under the sand. Still some fins are missing and we couldn't find them. The sandblaster that Jim was using is missing. We looked all over the area but couldn't find it. The Exclusion Area fence closest to the ocean is completely gone. There are rocks, asphalt, trees, branches, stones, and sand scattered all over the Exclusion Area. We couldn't get to the generator building in the LA because of mud. Thanks, Pete -- Vice President Ft. Hancock Nike Association

Nike Vet's Recovery Efforts

Here Vet's recover one of the Ajax fins lost during the storm.

The above 2 slides show the cleanup of the Nike Ajax Missiles which were undergoing restoration in the A&S building. Sadly the status of these has not changed as we have not been able to fully secure the building. There is also no power or water to this area of the park.

This shows the roof repairs being performed on the IFC Generator Building. This particular repair was the sealing of one of the generator roof vents (there are 3 we repaired). The “Mushroom” caps were blown off and destroyed during the hurricane leaving the building open to the elements – these vents were four feet square!

This shows Bo and Pete after cleaning out the muck and debris in the inside of the generator building. The water was almost waist high inside and destroyed our portable generator.


This shows one of the repairs to the Interconnecting Corridor. While the water did not get above the van floors, it did undercut the foundations causing sagging, cracks and a fairly large chunk of cinderblock to fall out.

Here the crew is assessing the damage to the launcher area this is a large area and will require a lot of work to clean up to the state it was in before the storm.

Our clean up crew from left to right:

Bill Jackson, Jim Fee Langendoen, Rose Ann Lowd, Paul Klco &  Pete DeMarco.

Below comment by Bill Jackson on the efforts at Sandy Hook.

In spite of the setbacks from Hurricane Sandy, we had a pretty good year for tours at the Nike Site at Sandy Hook.  We had 626 volunteer hours worked and 865 visitors taking the tour.  While our missile restoration project is currently on hold because of the hurricane damage to the Assembly and Service Building, we have begun working additional projects and have made substantial headway.  


Accomplishments to date include:


a)  Interior of the Battery Control and Radar Vans were scrubbed clean with bleach to eliminate mold build up.  This was done floor to ceiling.

b)  Interior of the Interconnecting Corridor was also cleaned from floor to ceiling with bleach to eliminate mold build up.

c)  FUIF Room window sill was replaced.  This sill had been eaten away by termites or carpenter ants  Replacement is made of "TREX" (recycled plastic) so it will be termite proof.  We also installed a window lock on this window.  

d)  Installed a door handle and a lock hasp on the FUIF Room door.  FUIF Room is part of the Interconnecting Corridor Building. 

e)  Installed a door handle and a lock hasp on the Utilities Room door.  Utilities Room is part of the Interconnecting Corridor Building.

f)  Repaired the IFC Area Generator Building Roof.  We will be turning the Generator Building into our Nike Museum.  The Mahwah, NJ Museum donated their entire Nike display to us and we will be putting that material on display in the Generator Building.  We currently have all this donated Nike memorabilia locked in a jail cell of the Fort Hancock Stockade.

g)  Cleaned the interior of the IFC Generator Building and have rewired the building so we can power the interior lights with our small portable generator.

h)  Cleaned and shoveled out the Assembly and Service Building.  Building still has no power and no doors.

i)  Recruited and are training three new tour guides for next years.


As long as our accomplishment list is, our to do list is even longer.  Expect to have several work weekends over the winter, weather permitting.