Welcome All Nike Veterans We ask your help in providing us with more Information.

We Need to expand our list of "Lost Souls" if you have contact with others that served in Alaska Nike Units please share that info. with us.

If you served with Nike Unites other than Alaska Batteries and wish to possibly attend our reunions and want to be informed of reunions a Email to Reunion@a-2-562.org with a request to be informed will place you on a distribution list. At this time we will only post your info. on the web secured area if you note  you wish to do so in your reply.  We hope to expand our reunion to include more former Nike Vets. All personal information will be only available to Nike Vets and is stored in a secure section on our web site.


Also we have expanded our web site to include the following items of interest to us as former Nike Guys and the general public that visit the site.

Nike Stories " things that would be of interest to the general public"

WWII weird secret stuff "know of something here send us the link"

Cold War Spying  " Spy Satellites ect."

Missile Defense Today

If you have something of interest in any of the above categories contact webmaster@a-2-562.org 

New Nike Guy's

Please if you found us via the Internet we need to establish a link for future communications. Send us a message to the following Email address reunion@a-2-562.org 

Other info

Visit the Cold War & WWII Secret Stuff section of our web site this will give you some indication on what we want to have on these pages. You need not be a Alaska Nike Vet to contribute here

Link   is

Cold War and wwii Secret Stuff