Here are some photos from San Francisco Reunion 2013


We started Friday with a trip to the carrier USS Hornet. Along side of the Hornet are a group of active Navy cargo ships both container type and roll on roll off.



 Here are some of the cargo ships.


Tour starts at the hanger deck.


Shot in the engine room of one of the turbines that drive the ship.



Turbine photo showing the inner workings.

Here are the bunks for the Marines on board they are 3 high the Navy boys are bunked 4 high. Inspecting them are Hal Faulkner and Bob Bishop both local boys but served at A-2-562.

Interesting mural in the Marine area of the ship.

Shot of one of the 2 mess serving lines.

A look down the angled portion of the flight deck.

The view of the flight deck for the Air Boss.

Landing signals

The Ouija Board used to keep track of all aircraft on deck and in the hanger.

Engine room controls at the bridge of the ship.

 Ship's Capitan's chair at the bridge.

This is the location where the Doolittle planes were loaded on the USS Hornet CV-8 it was badly damaged at the battle of the Santa Cruz Islands and had to be sank. It was replaces with CV/CVA/CVS-12 about 1 year later.

Our Friday night " Meet & Greet Session "

Another shot at " Meet & Greet "

Here is Tony Soscia a Nike Vet that served at A Battery at Thule Greenland. Tony supplied us a batch of photos to post on the web site to compare living conditions with Alaska sites we had better conditions!!! Tony is a long time friend with A-2-562 vet Richard Ruggeri.

Nike vet Bill Jackson was on hand with a assortment of Nike related patches for sale. Bill is a tour guide at the Sandy Hook N.J. site we toured last year.


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