Welcome All Alaska Nike Vet's

As indicated on the opening page our reunion for 2022 is now history and we look forward to 2024 and a possible reunion in Alaska. 

New Orleans

Oct. 18 through Oct. 20

Our 2018 reunion is now history visit the 2018 page for a photo tour.

 Also the Nike Historical Society will be having a reunion this Sept. Here is a link to that event. 



 There has been a suggestion made that we expand our reunion taking in all Air Defense units. This would include Army and Marine Hawk units and others. At this time it is only a suggestion and no action has been taken on it. We need to do some contacts with others on this idea. We welcome your input in regards to this matter. Address that to reunion@a-2-562.org


Visit a photo tour of our 2017 reunion in Colorado Springs. On the reunion 2017 page. At this time I don't have a photo list to post from our reunion at Tucson in 2016. That was your webmaster's fault as I forgot to take a camera along. Perhaps some of those that were there will step up and supply some photos.


Check out the reunion 2012 page we have added photos showing the damage left in Sandy Hook due to the hurricane. Click on the "Past Years" link at the top and select 2012 Reunion Photos.


If you are a Nike Vet from another unit and wish to attend our reunions we will welcome all Nike Guy's get in touch via E-Mail to reunion@a-2-562.org



New Nike Guy's

Please if you found us via the Internet we need to establish a link for future communications. Send us a message to the following Email address reunion@a-2-562.org 

What We Have

We Shall Defend:

A link to a interim history of SF-88 covers construction and operation with comments from SF88 personnel quite long 187 pages but interesting reading photos are of poor quality to view click below.

SF-88 Document

Other info

We are looking for additional names and addresses of those that served on the Alaska Nike sites. You may E-Mail your info to reunion@a-2-562.org Also if you are willing to assist in tracking "lost souls" again contact us and we will talk about how to go about this task. Also inform us of changes to your E-Mail address.


Etched in Stone !

Your webmaster has taken the opportunity to have us recognized at a Vet's Memorial at his home town. Clicking on the header will get you there.