Welcome All Alaska Nike Vet's

As you all know the last reunion we had was in 2018, those who had did the planning wanted to "step back" and have some new blood get involved. Well nothing has happened till recently there has been renewed interest in having a reunion some time in 2022.  We polled our list of Nike Vets and have gotten some positive response. Here are the results.  First the number of responses those that completed the survey were 138 out of 303 that actually viewed the survey. So after compiling the responses to the survey we set New Orleans as the site for the reunion in 2022 with the dates of Oct. 18 -20. At that reunion attending were 2 from the "FONSS" group. in talking with them we found that there was interest in having a reunion on the 10 year anniversary of the 2014 "Cold War Conference/ Nike Vets Reunion" .  The FONSS people will be putting this together and also informing the vet's of the status/progress of the reunion. We will update this page as plans are completed so "stay tuned for more information on this".










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                                Reunion Committee    

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More information on other possible reunions.

 For this year the Nike Historical Society  may be holding a reunion at Nike Site SF88 this September, you may want to check this out.

Also a idea was submitted to us on a joint reunion of all involved in "Air Defense" this would include US Army and Marine Hawk units and others. A great amount of planning would have to be done by the various groups involved. We would have to make some inquiries into this to test the water and get back to our vet's with the information.

You may wish to check the “Reunion Page” at www.a-2-562.org  as further info will be posted there when it’s updated.