2009 Reunion Date Set!!




As we have not had any great input from the mailing (both US Postal and Emails) it has been decided to set a date for the 2009 reunion and go from there. Paul Kulba set the following date of 10/16/2009 at Hot Springs AR. Have booked the upstairs room at the following place " Last Chance Lakeside Cafe". Have use of the room from noon to 9:00 pm. Our small Cookie Jar will allow us to keep those W/O Internet Connections to be kept abreast of planning. Also entering the picture is the Anchorage 09 event open to all former Nike Guys that served in Alaska and supporters of the Save Site Summit Group. Travel to Anchorage will be costly for those wishing to attend and doing 2 events in the same year may put a strain on some budgets.  Hot Spring's Village is a "Gated Community" the largest in the USA there are quite a few rental houses, condos that are available for short term rental. Here is a link for rentals in that area as Ed Hansen's wife has a Realtor connection in the area. Two or Three couples could share the House rental making this fairly inexpensive rentals. You should have Ed's E-Mail and phone which is included in the newsletter will not post here on the web site. This is a link a Realtor in the area.  http://www.hotspringsvillagehomepage.com/nightyRental.php or contact Helen Seekatz at Triple D Realty. You all should have Paul's E-Mail address also I don't want to post it on the web if you don't have it E-Mail your comments to the web site and I will forward that info to either Ed or Paul   Also a secondary contact for rentals in the area if you want to rent a house or condo for the time there and "double up" to split costs is VillageVilas.com phone number of 1-(800)-738-7368 talk to Kurt.   For more on the 2009 Reunion click on the Info link below this box.















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Following Pictures from Nashville reunion


We held a small auction Paul Kulba brought a original Air Force parka and we also auctioned off some items from the "Moose Creek General Store". Harry Bohlam acted as MC for the event tickets were sold for a dollar each, or one arms length for $ 5.00 or 2 arms length  "Total Reach" for $ 10.00 we ended up with a cash reserve of about $140.00 which will fund postage for the next reunion.  On the left is Howard Mowell and right is Phil Betsinger
Very foreground left side Peggy Hansen (Ed Hansen 1965) seated back to camera Ken Satterfield's wife then back to camera Kathy Kulba, standing blue shirt is Ken Satterfield then with book  Chuck Bussey and on left Melvin Bond. Standing in the rear with the "Blue Guards T-Shirt"  Bob Bishop then standing with the Green shirt is Howard Mowell








Also on the Thursday AM tour was a long stop at the Country Music Hall of Fame
Group picture taken at the Ryman Auditorium on our Thursday morning tour of Nashville.  Most of the names a faces are in other photos with the exception of Al Bouey. He had to return to Madisonville LA as his son-in-law brought him and had to return for business reasons.  I shared a IFC room with Al in 1965 always enjoyed his company and Cajun humor Al suffered a massive stroke when he was in his mid 40'S leaving him partially paralyzed on his right side. Al is left center of the microphone in the OD shirt.


Nashville 2008 A start of a tradition

Lets keep it alive!

Here we have 2 from the 1965 era on the left from Aptos, CA. Hal Faulkner and on the right from Beloit WI. Ed Hansen. Hal was the site medic also ran the PX and did the mail might call him the "do it guy" Ed was a IFC guy worked in the  TTR van. The boys just loaded up with raffle tickets.




Any of you Guy's out there that have some computer savvy and are willing to help with the search for guys in the 63, 65, 67 or 69 time frame or later. We now have a roster's from all of these years  to research.  E Mail webmaster@a-2-562.org  and we can chat on how to do this. An alternate E Mail is rbtv@tds.net.