Here are some photos from Anchorage on Saturday


We started Saturday by boarding our bus to journey to the Arctic Valley Ski Lodge then change buses (for smaller ones to get to Site Summit). Road up is not fit for the Larger tour busses. Site Summit is on the top of a 4,000 ft. mountain, in construction for the Administration Building they removed the top 60 ft. of the mountain.

Looking down on the city of Anchorage and Ft. Richardson. The view from Summit is spectacular.

Here we see some of the efforts of " The Friends of Nike Site Summit ". Exterior work mostly completed on the Missile Assembly Building.

Here Jim Renkert explaining work to be done on the inside of that building.

Here a former MP/Dog Handler explaining his roll when he was on duty. He was also interviewed by local TV crew on Friday at Site Point.

Interior shot of the kennels they were originally set for demolition but the Friends of Site Summit fought to retain them.

Former Site Summit MP Greg Durocher telling about the guard shack and his duties.  Interesting comment often done by the MP'S at the launcher area there was a double fence the inner one was called "the exclusion area", if a intruder was seen inside the first fence it was "Halt, Halt Bang" if inside the second fence it was "Bang, Bang, Halt".

On top of the mountain the Administration Buildings remains, we are at the mess hall end of the building the red tile floor shows the former kitchen area. The 2 tracking radar clamshells right and center rear are slated for a new coat of paint next summer. The other one is done and looks much better see below.

As we approached the top of the mountain we see the newly painted tracking Radar clamshell. The clamshells were unique to sites in Alaska and Greenland thus allowing repair and other maintenance in bad weather. 

On the left side this portion of the building was left intact. It housed the 2 IFC control vans, on the upper right top circular platform was the low power acquisition radar antenna. Also the Boiler room for heating and a Tactical Generator Room to provide power for the site while on "Hot Status".

The wind was so strong at times construction of the Administration building required these "tie downs" that were run from the second story floor area to concrete anchors.

Still in the building since deactivation in 1979 are the 2 Admin Power Generators.

Here is the control panel for the above generators. It is in remarkably good condition for its age.

The Boiler room for the former Admin building the FONSS people did a lot of cleanup in this and the generator area.

One of the explosive storage bunkers each site had at least two of them. They were not used to store missile warheads but houses small arms ammunition or missile boosters. Spare warheads were not stored on site that was done by Post Ordnance Company.

Back at the Arctic Valley Ski Lodge for the Plaque dedication.

Part of the Lodge ceremony

This event was also covered by 2 of the Anchorage TV Stations for later broadcast.

Saturday evening we had the farewell banquet completing the Anchorage portion of the event.

At the banquet we awarded "missile artillery" pins to Barbara Propes and Jim Renkert both worked very hard to make this event a success. Also many others were also heavily involved with the planning and carrying out of the event. Again our thanks to them for a great visit.

Taken from the window of our banquet room we see Site Summit Administration area highlighted by the setting sun.

It's now on to Denali and Fairbanks for part 2.



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